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Space Applications

Space applications

Bartington Defence & Space are pleased to offer customers a range of products for Space applications. 

Attitude measurement

Bartington Defence & Space's fluxgate sensors can be used to measure the attitude - i.e. the position and orientation - of satellites, sounding rockets or atmospheric research balloons. Our three-axis magnetometers Spacemag, Spacemag-Lite (designed for use on CubeSat missions), and the three-axis magnetometers Mag-03 or Mag648 have all been used for this type of application.

On board satellites and spacecraft

On board satellites, the Spacemag and Spacemag-Lite can be used to measure the geomagnetic field of the Earth (or any other planetary body). Handheld magnetometers can also be used to measure the magnetic environment on board manned spacecraft – the Mag-649 with Magmeter-2 system would be suitable.

On-land measurements

There is a range of spacecraft-related measurements which are carried out on land. These include the measurement of the magnetic signature of spacecraft, or equipment going on board space vehicles. We recommend using the Spectramag-6 and the Mag-03 for these functions.

Magnetic moment

Our range of Helmholtz Coil systems may be used to measure the magnetic moment of spacecraft. They can also be used to calibrate the magnetic sensors on the spacecraft after integration.

Space weather measurements

Measurements of space weather are often carried out from the ground. This includes the monitoring of solar flares of charged particles emitted by the Sun, which can be observed on Earth by perturbations of the magnetic field. This is important for the protection of spacecraft systems, and is of major interest to power generating companies, allowing them to mitigate any damage to their transmission networks caused by surges potentially associated with these events. For this application, the Mag-03 combined with a suitable acquisition unit can been used. Other suitable sensors include the Mag-13 and Mag649.