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Mag634 Three-Axis Surveillance Sensor

Surveillance magnetometer | Mag634

This low noise three-axis fluxgate sensor has been designed to detect very small fluctuations in the ambient magnetic field. With its two-part construction, low power consumption and environmental protection, it is ideal for use in checkpoints and for intruder detection. The filters on the unit remove both the Earth's magnetic field and higher frequency noise to concentrate solely on detection of targets moving slowly, and also allow for amplification of the filtered signal before output.

The Mag634 uniquely offers this combined low noise specification and band pass filtering to reject higher frequency noise and maximise the sensitivity of readings, allowing detection of small, slowly varying field changes which could be associated with an individual carrying a hand gun, for example.

The two-part construction allows the electronics to be up to 20m away from the target area. It can be used as part of a multi-sensor array to cover a wide area, or in a location such as a checkpoint. It is sealed against dust and suitable for operation in wet conditions.

Mag634 | Applications

The Mag634 can be used for checkpoints, intruder detection, surveillance and building security.

  • Noise: < 10pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
  • Frequency response from DC to 15Hz (unfiltered output) or 0.003 to 5Hz (filtered output)
  • Measurement range: ±60μT unfiltered; ±200nT filtered
  • Two-part construction with up to 20m PVC jacketed cable
  • Environmentally protected to IP 67 standard against dust and water ingress
  • Can be powered from a poorly regulated 12V DC supply

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