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Mag613 Miniature Magnetometer Array

Mag613 Submersible Magnetometer ArrayMag613 Submersible Magnetometer Array
Magnetometer Array

The Mag613 is an array of eight miniature three-axis fluxgate sensors. The unit is designed to measure the magnetic signature of scaled models of ships and submarines. It can be used in an oil-filled tank at pressures equivalent to 500m depth (approximately 50 bars).

Each of the eight sensors is individually potted and connected to the electronics module by a 3m long cable. The electronics module contains a power supply, the driving circuitry and an analogue multiplexer.

The small size of the fluxgate sensor allows the user to mount the sensors inside scale models to achieve high spatial resolution. Sensors can be positioned close together without risk of interference, and crosstalk is suppressed up to 3kHz. The Mag613 also offers users an integrated test facility.


The Mag613 is ideal for marine defence – analysing the magnetic signatures of scaled models of ships and submarines. It can also be used to test closed-loop degaussing systems on scaled models.

  • Miniature sensors
  • High spatial resolution of measurement
  • Suppressed crosstalk
  • Integrated test facility
  • Can be used in oil-filled test tanks and functions at pressures equivalent to a water depth of 500m (50 bars)

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