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Mag612 Miniature Magnetic Field Sensor

Mag612 ProbeMag612U Electronics

The Mag612U is a two-part three-axis fluxgate sensor, consisting of a fluxgate probe and separate electronics connected by a cable. This design enables the compact and lightweight probe to be installed separately from its electronics, up to 3 metres apart, with the sensor head compact enough for application such as head positioning for virtual reality headsets.

The probe can be purchased separately by customers who want to design their own electronics. In this case, a fluxgate drive electronics circuit design is available. Test electronics, packaged and unpackaged are also available.

Typical applications:
  • General purpose magnetic field measurement in laboratory.
  • Integration in wearable technology - head positioning in virtual reality headsets.

  • Features:
  • Small probe size: 20 x 20 x 20mm.
  • Mag612U noise levels from >10pT to ≤20pTrms/ √Hz at 1Hz.
  • Measuring range of ±90µT.
  • Two-part construction with lightweight probe and electronics.
  • Fluxgate drive electronics circuit design available.

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