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Mag566 Unpackaged Three-Axis Sensor

Low-power three-axis magnetometer | Mag566

The Mag566 was originally designed for integration in unattended ground sensors (UGS) for surveillance and vehicle monitoring around military installations. It is an unpackaged miniature three-axis sensor with a full-scale range of ±100µT and a frequency response from DC to 35Hz. Its 20mW power consumption and good temperature stability make this magnetic field sensor ideal for battery-powered UGS.

With its low cost, the Mag566 is a good choice for use in multi-sensor arrays. The unpackaged design is suitable for incorporation into entry-monitoring systems.

This miniature magnetometer comprises a single board assembly with fluxgate sensors and electronic circuitry. The electronics are encapsulated in epoxy resin to provide a high degree of environmental protection, and the sensor also offers resistance to shock and vibration.

Mag566 | Applications

Typical Mag566 applications include vehicle surveillance as part of multi-sensor arrays, and access control.

  • Low-cost sensor
  • Full-scale range of ±100μT
  • ±5V supply for battery operation
  • Bandwidth of 30 - 40Hz (-3dB) for monitoring of low-frequency signals
  • Electronics encapsulated in epoxy resin
  • Resistant to shock and vibration 
  • Strong rejection of power supply noise, allowing use of unregulated power supply

Export: An export licence issued by the UK Export Control Organisation is required. Contact for further information.

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