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Mag566 Low-power three-axis Magnetometer

Mag566 magnetic field sensorMag566 magnetic field sensor

Low-power three-axis magnetometer | Mag566
The Mag566 is an unpackaged miniature three-axis sensor with a full-scale range of ±100µT and a frequency response of DC to 35Hz. Its 20mW power consumption, low noise and good temperature stability make this magnetic field sensor ideal for battery powered applications.
With its low cost, the Mag566 is a good choice for use in multi-sensor arrays. The unpackaged design is suitable for incorporation into vehicle and industrial plant detection systems. The low drift characteristics also allow the sensor to be used as a terrestrial field monitor or as an orientation sensor.

Typical Applications:

• Vehicle surveillance 

• Orientation control.


This product has been classified as a military item. An export licence is required for shipping this product outside the UK. Please contact for further details.

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