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Ferronato™ Coils

PA1 Power AmplifierCU1 Control Unit


Bartington Instruments can supply Ferronato™ Helmholtz Coils sets from Serviciencia S.L. to operate with the PA1 and CU1 Power Amplifier and Control Unit. The larger Ferronato™ coil sets expand the range of sizes available for our Helmholtz Coils systems. The coil sets consist of an assembly of up to three pairs of coils with diameters ranging from 300mm (BH300) or 2m (BHC2000). Each pair of coils generates a magnetic field in one specific axis, X, Y or Z. The sets are available in single, dual or three-axis configurations.

The CU1 Control Unit connects to a National Instruments Data Acquisition card to provide control of the system from a Labview™-based software , whilst compensation potentiometers on the PA1 are used to cancel the local DC magnetic field.

The coil assemblies can also be purchased separately from the rest of the system.

To facilitate freight and installation, the larger coils can be shipped in flat-pack form that can be assembled and disassembled at the customer's convenience. Installation and training on the system is recommended with these systems.

Typical application:

• Calibration of three-axis magnetic field sensors.

• Creation of a known magnetic environment.


• Multiple size of coils from 300mm to 2m.

• Active compensation using CU2.

• Orthogonality correction using PA1.

• Control software available.

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