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Marine Defence Applications

Marine Defence applications

Bartington Defence & Space develops and manufactures products for application in the marine Defence sector, primarily surrounding the measurement of the magnetic signature of surface vessels and submarines. We also create products for use in surveillance, unexploded ordnance detection (UXO) and magnetic anomaly detection.

Measurement of magnetic signatures

Our recommended product for the measurement of magnetic signatures is the Mag-03RC three-axis range magnetometer, combined with the data acquisition system DAS1. Other sensors can also be used, such as the digital three-axis fluxgate magnetometer Mag658.

For continuous signature management on board a ship (for onboard degaussing systems) several products can be used:

  • For open-loop degaussing we recommend a single masthead magnetometer (typically the Mag-03). It can also be used for close-loop degaussing where multiple sensors are spread throughout the ship.
  • For lab testing on scale models, a sensor such as the magnetometer array Mag613 is recommended, although the Mag-03 or Mag690 are also suitable for this application.

For checking the magnetic signature of a vessel during deployment a portable signature range system is required. For this kind of use we suggest using the Mag-03RC, or the smaller Mag-03 which may be a more practical option due to its size. The Mag658 is also a suited to this role.

There is a requirement to check the magnetic signatures of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) divers during operation. For this application a number of our customers have integrated Mag-03 into training mines to assist divers’ training.

Harbour surveillance

For harbour surveillance we offer a choice of magnetometers to suit operational requirements and constraints, for instance the availability of power, desired bandwidth and the proximity to shore.

The Mag-03RC is suitable for operation with cables of up to 2km in length. The Mag648S low power sensor is designed for applications where power is constrained. The Mag-03MSS is selected for its compact size and wide bandwidth. Finally, offshore, the Mag648S sensor can be used in surveillance around critical assets, for instance in buoy-based detection systems.

Underwater unexploded ordnance (UXO) and magnetic anomaly detection

For underwater UXO detection and magnetic anomaly detection, the Grad-03 three-axis marine gradiometer or Grad-13 are our recommended products.

For applications based in autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) such as surveillance, signature measurements or detection of UXO, a number of our sensors can be employed, such as the Mag-03, Mag658, or if power was an issue we would suggest the Mag648 or Mag649.