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Land Defence Applications

Bartington Defence & Space is pleased to be able to offer a range of products to support land Defence requirements. These products and their typical uses for land defence include:


Mag566 low-power three-axis magnetometer, Mag648 low-power three-axis magnetic field sensor and Mag651 low-power unpackaged three-axis magnetic field sensor have all been created for use in land defence applications. They are recommended for implementation around a perimeter or border for the detection of vehicles or personnel, as part of a multi-sensor array, and have been specifically designed for integration into unattended ground sensors (UGS). The Mag634 has been designed for the more specific detection of magnetic material on a person at a checkpoint.

Magnetic material and UXO detection

Grad-03 is recommended for detecting unexploded ordnance (UXO). This can deployed on the surface or in a borehole. Also recommended is our new digital Grad-13 three-axis gradiometer sensor.

Compass and sensor calibration

The Bartington Mag-01H DI can be used for the calibration of compasses (compass swing), rangefinders, or for the calibration of compass roses in airports/airfields.

Our Helmholtz Coils are typically used for the calibration of magnetic field sensors, as part of magnetic ranges, or mounted on aircraft.

Signature analysis
Mag-03 can be used in land magnetic ranges to carry out signature analysis, while the new versatile and high-performance Mag-13 can also be used for this purpose. Our low-cost Mag690 is a recommended budget option. 

The Bartington Defence & Space Spectramag-6, when used with the Mag-03, constitutes an ideal tool for checking the signature of small components such as diving equipment, or items employed on board MCMV (mine counter measure vessels).

Magnetisation checks
For magnetisation level spot checks we recommend using a
Mag-03 or Mag690connected to the Magmeter-2.

Research and development

For use in R & D or testing, the wide-ranging, high-performing Mag-03 is ideal. Recommended alternative laboratory sensors include the Mag658 and the Mag690. For ease of use in the initial phases of testing, we can also provide simple power supply units for either single or multiple sensors. 

ANApplication Notes