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Defence Land

Defence: Land

land applications of three-axis fluxgate magnetometers


Bartington Instruments provides a range of high performance magnetic field measurement sensors and systems to meet the specialised requirements of land defence forces and contractors.

The Mag566 low power three-axis magnetic field sensor has been designed for vehicle detection and identification. 

The Mag634 low noise sensor detects minute local disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field and is ideally suited for incorporating into intruder detection systems.

Mag648/649 Low Power three-axis magnetic field sensors are ideal for border security in battery powered multi-sensor perimeter security systems.

For unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection, customers have a choice of instrument to match their needs. The Grad601 single axis gradiometer provides enhanced depth response and high stability. Where more detailed information is required, the Grad-03 Three-Axis Gradiometer with its triaxial configuration and wider range may be more appropriate.

For applications requiring wide bandwidth and low noise, such as vehicle signature analysis, Mag-03 sensors may be selected.