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Defence Magnetometers

Three-axis fluxgate magnetometers
Bartington Defence & Space offers a wide range of three-axis magnetometers suited to a variety of applications and operating environments.
General purpose
Versatile sensors with applications including magnetic signature measurement, onboard degaussing systems and surveillance. 
Low power
Suited to applications where power supply is an issue, these sensors are ideal for surveillance, perimeter
security and traffic monitoring functions.
The Mag658 is an
unpackaged digital sensor featuring an RS 422 interface and integral accelerometers.
Typical application is in magnetic signature measurement. 
These low noise sensors are specifically designed and tested to aerospace standards, for use in airframe compensation systems in magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) applications.
Single axis fluxgate magnetometers
Bartington Defence & Space manufactures single axis sensors for a range of general applications.        
Application specific
Bartington Defence & Space also produces three-axis magnetic sensors for specialised applications.
  • Mag634  Designed for use in checkpoints, surveillance and building security
  • Mag613  Array of 8 sensors designed for scale model testing
  • Mag639    For high frequency signature measurement and UXO detection.
  • Mag-03RC    Underwater offshore magnetic signature range testing, with cable lengths up to 2km