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Magnetic Field Gradiometers

Bartington Instruments provides a number of three-axis fluxgate magnetic field gradiometers for measuring the gradient of magnetic fields. These standalone sensors are commonly used for UXO detection, but can also find application in signature measurements especially on smaller scale items such as Unmanned Vehicles. Multi-sensors surveys for surface UXO mapping is made possible with the use of the Non-Magnetic Cart.

Grad-13 Digital Three-Axis Gradiometer. Provides high resolution vector measurements on land or in water, with a measuring range of ±70 or ±100µT. Digital corrections applied to the measuring sensor and gradient data provides a very high accuracy vector instrument with the ability to obtain accurate total field data. Typically used UXO detection and can also be used for signature measurements. A submersible version (to a depth of 200m), and can be used for underwater applications. Can also be mounted on the Non-Magnetic Cart for multi-sensor surveys.

Grad-03 Three-Axis Gradiometer. Two three-axis fluxgate sensors mounted with a range of separation from 300mm to 1m. Available in land and marine versions. Associated Grad-03ACU enables correction of scaling, offset and alignment errors, and displays gradients with a resolution of 1nT. Applications include UXO detection and use in signature measurements.

Non-Magnetic Cart A lightweight cart made from carbon fibre, designed to carry up to 12 Grad-13 gradiometers as well as their data logger and battery power. It can be used by a single operator or towed behind a vehicle.